Presentations for 2019

Why Book AJ?

Easy to work with.

AJ’s incredibly motivating energy and his willingness to work through event challenges with you will make your event run smoothly

Extra marketing & promotion.

AJ creates videos before and after your event to get people excited and maximise learning potential

Tailored messages, stories, and examples.

AJ customises presentations so they are as relevant as possible to the organisation.

Depth of knowledge.

AJ shares real-life examples from organisations around the world showing audiences that real change in their own workplace is truly possible.

Little details make an event remarkable.

AJ delivers materials to meeting planners well before the deadline, shows up early, works with the audio-visual team, adapts his presentation to tie into last-minute events or timing changes, and yes, he understands the importance of finishing on time to ensure your schedule stays on track! These small things lead to big outcomes and that makes AJ a true Professional Speaker.

AJ Speaks On

Innovation Change Growth

AJ’s presentations range from inspirational to tactical and are designed to address a variety of workplace challenges. Each presentation is customised depending on the theme and requirements of your event.

If you want a high-energy and interactive speaker to wow your audience – Get in touch to see how AJ can combine his knowledge, industry insights and entertaining stories to craft a sensational experience for your attendees.

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