What is Corporate Entrepreneurship?

Corporate Entrepreneurship is about building a culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship throughout an organisation. The aim of this program is to complement existing innovation activities and support building the organisation’s innovation pipeline.

Inspire Corporate Entrepreneurship

Modern companies embrace Entrepreneurial Thinking to inspire creativity, innovation and solve problems. As a Corporate Entrepreneurship Consultant AJ guides visionary Leaders & Teams who desire to be more Entrepreneurial, but are constrained by traditional process and culture. 

Most organisations have Entrepreneurial Thinkers within them. These Entrepreneurs are lying dormant, waiting for opportunities to add business value. They just need to be uncovered, developed and supported to achieve tangible outcomes. 

AJ’s Entrepreneurial framework and programs build upon existing leadership and innovation programs and take the frustration out of building Entrepreneurial capability inside an organisation.

This is achieved in 3 phases.

Build Corporate Entrepreneurship Capability


Inspire and Educate

Innovation and  Entrepreneurial Thinking can be confusing subjects.

 To give the project the best chance of success, during this phase we look at educating your people through a high energy inspiring presentation called “The Entrepreneurial Advantage”.

The presentation includes real-world case studies on how Entrepreneurial Thinking has unlocked hidden business value in larger organisations. It’s tailored to each organisation to ensure relevance.

Using our collaborative consultation approach, we are also able to uncover potential barriers to implementation and potential areas for a high chance of success.


Equip with Skills

When we’ve uncovered your Entrepreneurial Thinkers we train them in our 2-day live immersion Entrepreneurial Skills Masterclass that includes decision making, presentation & communciation, innovation and business commercialisation skills.

To maximise ROI all training is specifically tailored to the organisation to solve existing challenges – so participants are learning how an Entrepreneur would solve they problems they are already familiar with.



Empower and Support

After training, Entrepreneurs return to their individual business units / projects and execute what they’ve learned. At this stage our role is to support them through individual coaching and educational resources to ensure they master the techniques and achieve results.

Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Support

As part of our commitment to continued Entrepreneurial Skills Development within an organisation, we offer the following resources to support Entrepreneurs going through our programs. As every organisation and budget is different, we tailor options for specific requirements.

* Individual Coaching  – In Person / Video
Individual mentoring and coaching support for each participant either in person or via video

* On demand E-learning videos
40+ videos, organised into 6 specific modules, these will be accessible 24/7 via any internet device

* Online Deep Dive Webinars
Once a month we broadcast a webinar focusing on one area of our Entrepreneurial Skills. This provides a regular connection to our facilitator and a great opportunity to continue ongoing development.

*Fortnightly Focus Emails
Discover the video modules in helpful bite sized pieces as we ensure you stay on track by sending you regular emails that guide you through the program.

*Internal Marketing Support
We understand the challenge in engaging your people to actually undertake the training and we offer support in promoting the program internally to your people through various marketing resources.

Activate Your Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Capability


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